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Good Night is a new drink

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  1. Poor quality sleep
  2. Anxiety due to work or other reasons
  3. Cannot switch off your mind
  4. Wake up every morning feeling tired or lethargic
  5. Feel the need to unwind from a hectic day

If you experience any of the above then you should carry on exploring this website to uncover the beautiful blend of nature that relieves you of any of the above and many more stress related feelings.

You have tried and tested all the techniques, from taking a warm bath with scented oils to taking deep breaths, laying on your bed in the dark yet your mind just refuses to shut down and let you fall off to sleep.

Now there is a simple and 100% natural solution to all of the following problems….just one GOODNIGHT.

Good Night is a lightly carbonated drink specially developed to relieve feelings of stress and improve quality of sleep. With its unique recipe and combination of ingredients like valerian, lavender and rose hip extracts. , Good Night drink helps to relax your body and mind. It helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long naturally. It contains no preservatives, artificial colours and intense sweeteners. Sleep Well and Wake Up Fresh.

Good Night in Production


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  • Helps to relieve feelings of stress and pressure
  • Relaxes and allows you to get to sleep faster
  • Helps to retain peaceful sleep
  • Promotes a restful sleep for lasting energy throughout the day
  • Helps the body repair and recover from exercise
  • Promotes a peaceful sleep allowing greater drive and focus during your working day
  • Can help relieve feelings of stress and fear of flying
  • Has been specially developed to help with sleep during flight
  • Helps to reduce jet-lag